Jainson Cables India Pvt. Ltd.


Structure   Generally conforms to IS 694, BS 6004, IEC 60227,
DIN VDE 0281 -3, IS 8130 & IS 5831
Conductor   EC grade flexible copper class 5 generally
conforms IEC 60228, IS 8130
Insulation   FR+HR/FRLS-H/ZHFR Insulation compound with
a high insulation resistance value
(-15°C to +70°C / +90°C/ +105°C)
Colour   Red, Blue, Black, Brown, Grey, Orange, White,
Green, Yellow (Any other Colour on specific request can also be supplied)
Application   Fixed installation in conduits and under plaster for Power distribution to electrical appliances & Lighting in Houses, Commercial Complexes, Shopping Malls,
Buildings, Industries, Hospitals, Apartments etc.

Standard length cable packing:
Coils 90m & 180 m in carton boxes, reels

Features of "JAINSON" Flexible Cables (FR/ FRLS/ ZHFR)

For continuous use in deep well to supply power to submersible motors for the depth upto 500 mtrs.

Features of "JAINSON" Flexible Cables (FR/ FRLS/ ZHFR)

" FR "PVC Insulated cable

  • High flame retardant properties
  • Excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grace, oil
  • Longer Flex Life
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical properties
  • Steam and boiling water resistant

"FRLS" PVC Insulated cable

  • Better Flame retardant property
  • Less Halogen acid gas evolution
  • Resistant to tarnishing of copper
  • Excellent resistant to moisture, abrasion, grace, oil
  • Excellent mechanical & electrical properties

"ZHFR" Cable

  • Zero Halogen acid gas evolution
  • Non corrosive and non toxic insulation
  • High temperature resistant insulation
  • Resistance to tarnishing of copper

Single Core Industrial Flexible Cable up to 1100V

Nominal cross sectional area of conductor Number/ Nominal dia of strands Nominal Insulation Thickness Max. Overall Diameter Max. Conductor Resistance at 20°C Current Rating
Casing Concealed
Sq.mm mm mm mm Ohm / km AMPS AMPS
1.0 14/0.30* 0.7 2.8 18.1 14 13
1.5 22/0.30* 0.7 3.0 12.1 18 16
2.5 36/0.30* 0.8 3.7 7.41 24 20
4.0 56/0.30** 0.8 4.2 4.95 32 26
6.0 84/0.30** 0.8 4.8 3.30 42 35

* Class 2 Stranded conductor
** Class 5 Flexible conductor

FR Properties

Test Specified Specified Values
Limited Oxygen Index Test IS 10810-58 >29%
Limited Temperature Index Test IS 10810-65 >250%

FRLS/ ZHFR Properties

Test Specified Specified Values
Limited Oxygen Index Test ASTM-D 2863 > 32%
Limited Temperature Index Test ASTM-D 2863 >250%
Smoke Density (Light Absorption) ASTM-D 2843 < 50%
Acid Gas Generation 1 EC-607 54-1 < 18%


The number of wires and diameter mentioned in the table are approximate and nominal; however they shall meet the requirements of conductor resistance as per standards.
In view of continuous improvements in our design and process, the information, Dimensions and specifications given herein are subject to change without notice.

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